Self Directed Science


Hello guys welcome back to another post. Today I will be telling you what we had to do on this project and what I chose to do. The topic for the project was rocks and minerals and we had to make and get info on rocks and minerals. Lets get started with this post.

Being ready to learn

crystals can take up to 3 million years to grow.  Crystals form in nature when molecules gather to stabilize when liquid starts to cool and harden. This process is called crystallization and can happen when magma hardens or when water evaporates from a natural mixture too. Many crystals start small but as more atoms join and create a uniform and repetitive pattern, the crystal grows. Each crystal has there own values and colors that are worth thousands.

Setting Learning Goals

These are my learning goals that helped me finish this project.

Engaging In The Learning Process

I built a paper Mache cave with homemade crystals. I built the base of my cave out of paper Mache and then I painted my cave. Then I had to wait for the paint to dry. Once the paint was dry I added some crystals.

Evaluation Learning

I think this project was amazing and it was so fun to work on this with my friends and teacher to help me. at first it was tough and confusing but then once you get started you start feeling better. I would actually would have made my cave a little bigger and wider but overall it was one of the best projects I have ever done.


Podcast Blog

The name of this book is Sideways Stories From Wayside School. The author of the book is Louis Sachar. I thought this book was very funny and was one of the best books I have ever read. What went well was that everyone was friends and everyone got along. I enjoyed laughing with my friends while recording our podcast. I would have wanted to have more time and to read and to podcast. I would use podcasting every end of the week to record what we did in the week and why and how. This is the link of our podcast. Just go on Spotify and go listen to our first episode. This is what our book looks like.


Hello welcome back to another post. This blog post is about a country, Portugal.


Portugal is very known for it’s soccer team and for it’s best soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The population of Portugal is 10, 112, 236 people. That is not a lot of people for a country. Portugal is a very small country but is a very popular country. Here is how to see how many people are in Portugal.


The neighboring countries are Spain, Sudan and Albania. Spain is also very pretty, but that is for another day. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. Lisbon is very pretty and is pretty decent. This is a picture of Lisbon. people gathered on street

Geographic Features

There are 3, 853 mountains in Portugal and they are pretty tall. The tallest mountain is Mount Pico at 2, 351 meters. That is a lot of mountains and Mount Pico must be big. This is Mount Pico.brown and gray mountains near body of water during daytime


The religion of Portugal is Christianity and Catholic. Catholic is the same as Christianity but for different people.

Popular Food

The most Popular food in Portugal is Pastel De Nata. Pastel De Nata is a Portuguese custard tart. They are one of the seven wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. One of the most popular food is Piri Piri Chicken. The best Piri Piri Chicken comes from Algarve a city in Portugal. Here is a recipe for Piri Piri Chicken.


In the winter it is 10 degrease Celsius. In the summer it is 24 degrease Celsius.


One holiday that is coming up is Leiria day. Leiria day is about a city in Portugal and they celebrate the anniversary of when the city was built. This is a picture of Leiria. group of people looking upward

This is my Planning sheet.

Innovation Day

Hi my name is Jonah and this blog post is all about Innovation Day.

This section is all about the scientific part of the project.


This is a design  of my castle.

What Is A Pulley

A pulley is a non mechanical machine that is very helpful.

Most humans call other people to lift their object, but some people get a pully to lift their object.


How Pulleys Work

A pulley is a simple machine that helps you lift loads and heavy stuff like that.

As you can see in the middle of the wheel there is a gap, the gap is called a groove. The rope is supposed to go in the groove, just like this picture.

                                               How To Use A Pulley

1. You put the object you want to lift attached to the rope. 2. You pull the opposite side of the rope down. 3. Keep pulling until you want the object in the spot you want it. There are different kinds of pulleys, the fixed pulley, the compound pulley, and the movable pulley. The more pulleys or rope you have the less strength you will need. A pulley system is a grooved pulley connected to the rope and the hook. A pulley is just a grooved wheel.





Gears are kind of like wheels but with edges on it. Here is a video on gears.

  You can use gears to change the direction of the force. This is very important because it makes us do less work and makes it easier. Gears are on many things you see every day, for example a bike.

The more amount of gears the more power the gears have and the more easier it is to use.



Here are some photos of a pulleys and gears booklet.








The procedure is a step by step how to make our castle. This video is showing you our castle.

Hi this is my self assessment. The self assessment is about this blog post and for my castle.

These are photos of the build.

Self Reflection 

I think that this project was very fun and I had a lot of time laughing and building. This project was the best project I have ever done. I liked working with my partner josh and painting with him. My favorite part of the build was when we started to paint. My least favorite part was when I had a whole bucket of paint on my shirt. I loved painting because it was so satisfying. I would make our castle a bit bigger next time.



Bye Bye











The Amazon Rainforest




A community is a lifecycle and the food chain. Some animals are on top of the food chain. Flowers and insects have a great relationship as friends. A community is also about friendship. Plants and animals depend on each other to survive. Some plants depend on other animals and insects to pollinate them. Without the nectar insects and and birds that feed on flowers would not be able to survive.


Structural Adaption

A structural adaption is where animals, birds and plants have to adapt with their body’s and their brains. Many animals and plants have specific parts of their body that are adapted for their particular habitat. In some habitats there aren’t a lot of birds. Birds can adapt easier when their in the air. Each animal has different adaptive ways.


Species At Risk

The black bear is at risk because the humans would eat the bears and steal their territory. The black bears became at risk in 1992. It became at risk because the humans would destroy the forest and the population of the black bear. Why Did This Happen? And What Can Be Done?

My Stop Motion

(Intro) Welcome to my stop motion project. Stop motion is a very hard short movie. Here is a video about stop motion. Me and the members in my group Sam and Bernie were asked to pick a scene in the Wild Robot book that we think was very important. These are some photos of my stop motion booklet.

Booklet Pictures

 This took us about a month. In the first picture we had to write a script about who’s going to talk and move and all that stuff. The production set design is where we make our set and background. The page with all the pictures is how this movie is going to play out.  The video I’m about to show you is my real stop motion, so tell me if you like it. 

It actually took so long. I know it doesn’t look like it was hard but trust me it was.

Self Assessment

This is my self assessment and I think I did pretty well.

Self Reflection

I think the filming went well but the set could have been better. I would have made the set more colorful and more exiting.

Indigenous Project

This is my indigenous project.

Our presentation was so fun but I was also so nervous. I felt like I was going to faint.

Everything went well but I felt like it could have had a little more information.

I think I could talk a little more and look at the audience.


Hi guys welcome back to another science unit today we are going to be doing

how light travels. Sound can travel and sound can also reflect (it can bounce off of things).

Sound can be absorbed (it does not bounce off of things). Sound can be modified (you can change the volume). Sound is caused by vibrations, let’s say we were on land when we talk it will take longer to hear because of the vibrations, but when were on water we can hear it faster.

Sound is made of vibrations. Sound is made when we speak or an instrument or anything makes sound.

sound is made of sound waves/vibrations.


how does sound travel.

sound travels in waves like this.

Up and down. The waves can become smaller or bigger depending on the pitch.


For our science project we had to make a model ear out of clay. This one is mine.

and this is what it is supposed to look like.

I think I did ok. I did label them though.

The eardrum picks up the vibrations/sound waves from the sound. when the vibration hits you r eardrum it vibrates. when sound waves travel through the sky or the air your outer ear grabs them. The outer ear helps the sound waves by directing them in your ear and through the ear canal. The ear canal is very narrow compared to the outer ear. The sound waves get caught get pushed up against our eardrum and make it vibrate. When the ear drum vibrates it makes three small bones. These bones are called the auditory bones. These bones send the vibrations to the shell-shaped inner ear called the cochlea.

This are is filled with liquid and thousands of tiny hair. The vibrations make the liquid move and make the hairs move back and forth. Gross right. The hairs are joined to the nerves that send a signal to your brain. Your brain then lets you know what you are hearing. This all happens in less than a second.



My First Science Unit

Welcome folks to JoJo’s first science unit. The first unit we did in science was investigating light.


Natural Light vs Artificial Light

Natural light is something that makes its own light like the Sun, glow worms, fire flies.

And Artificial light is light that is man made for example light bulb, TV , and computers.

The first project we did was called ray of light.
We had to cut holes in the middle of index cards and on one index card it had a bullseye. They were all lined up and we had to shine a flash light and the flash light had to hit the bullseye. We did this because we wanted to see if light would bend. Another project we did was luminous and non luminous luminous means something that makes its own light. Like this. This is luminous because the sun makes its own light

This is non luminous because the moon does not create its own light it reflects from the sun.


Another project we did was opaque, translucent, and transparent.

this is opaque because you cant see through it.

And this is transparent the one on the right because you can see through it.

And this is translucent because you can kind of see trough it.

clear glass ball on white surface

We also did reflection which means when light reflects like the moon reflects off the sun.

When you shine a flash light at a mirror it will reflect on to an object in front of it.

this is reflecting because the light shines on the puddle which reflects back up.

person standing in front of body of water


The last thing we did was how light travels. Light travels in a strait line except when there’s and object in the, way like a wall the light will now stop it cannot go through the wall, but if there is a mirror the light will bounce off.


Reflections of Learning:

This first science unit was really fun but I’m very excited for our next unit, sound.

I am very looking forward for rocks and mineral, and I hope I can improve on working on experiments. The things that are going well are experiments, tests, and working.


thank you for reading.


My Recount

I was happily arriving at my grandparents house for my grandpa’s  birthday in Montreal.

We  first arrived at 12:06 am at my aunt’s house and I went straight to bed because it was so late and I was so tired.


The next morning when I woke up at my aunt’s house I was so excited because it has been 4 years! Finally I saw my aunt, uncle and cousins. We drove to the beach called Sandbanks and went into the water. The waves were huge! We took a break and had a quick snack and then obviously we went  back in again. 


The next day my dad, my uncle, my brother and my cousin went to an underground cave. It was pitch black and had a ton of bats and bugs. 

The cave was huge and cool. It was called Tyendinaga and they used it for a world war 2 underground bunker. It looked old and slimy and gooey. It felt very cold but cool.

After that my uncle, my brother and I went rock climbing for 2 hours and the rocks were colorful and full of chalk. After that we went for ice cream and I got  cotton candy and it was actually kind of gross!


Afterwards we went to the sand dunes and the sand dunes were huge and massive and it was so fun, and we ran up and down the sand dunes and I felt amazing and I got so tired thankfully I did not get sandy. We went back to the beach to chill and when we got home we had dinner. I ate chicken and played a board game called Catan and I lost so I ran all around the house and I was so mad. After Catan we went to sleep. I was so tired, especially after that run around the house my mom carried me to my bed . 


I woke up sadly knowing I was leaving and we packed up our car and said goodbye to my aunt, uncle and cousins. I was so sad. We went back to Ottawa and it took 2 and a half hours. On the road we had Mcdonalds.