My First Science Unit

Welcome folks to JoJo’s first science unit. The first unit we did in science was investigating light.


Natural Light vs Artificial Light

Natural light is something that makes its own light like the Sun, glow worms, fire flies.

And Artificial light is light that is man made for example light bulb, TV , and computers.

The first project we did was called ray of light.
We had to cut holes in the middle of index cards and on one index card it had a bullseye. They were all lined up and we had to shine a flash light and the flash light had to hit the bullseye. We did this because we wanted to see if light would bend. Another project we did was luminous and non luminous luminous means something that makes its own light. Like this. This is luminous because the sun makes its own light

This is non luminous because the moon does not create its own light it reflects from the sun.


Another project we did was opaque, translucent, and transparent.

this is opaque because you cant see through it.

And this is transparent the one on the right because you can see through it.

And this is translucent because you can kind of see trough it.

clear glass ball on white surface

We also did reflection which means when light reflects like the moon reflects off the sun.

When you shine a flash light at a mirror it will reflect on to an object in front of it.

this is reflecting because the light shines on the puddle which reflects back up.

person standing in front of body of water


The last thing we did was how light travels. Light travels in a strait line except when there’s and object in the, way like a wall the light will now stop it cannot go through the wall, but if there is a mirror the light will bounce off.


Reflections of Learning:

This first science unit was really fun but I’m very excited for our next unit, sound.

I am very looking forward for rocks and mineral, and I hope I can improve on working on experiments. The things that are going well are experiments, tests, and working.


thank you for reading.


My Recount

I was happily arriving at my grandparents house for my grandpa’s  birthday in Montreal.

We  first arrived at 12:06 am at my aunt’s house and I went straight to bed because it was so late and I was so tired.


The next morning when I woke up at my aunt’s house I was so excited because it has been 4 years! Finally I saw my aunt, uncle and cousins. We drove to the beach called Sandbanks and went into the water. The waves were huge! We took a break and had a quick snack and then obviously we went  back in again. 


The next day my dad, my uncle, my brother and my cousin went to an underground cave. It was pitch black and had a ton of bats and bugs. 

The cave was huge and cool. It was called Tyendinaga and they used it for a world war 2 underground bunker. It looked old and slimy and gooey. It felt very cold but cool.

After that my uncle, my brother and I went rock climbing for 2 hours and the rocks were colorful and full of chalk. After that we went for ice cream and I got  cotton candy and it was actually kind of gross!


Afterwards we went to the sand dunes and the sand dunes were huge and massive and it was so fun, and we ran up and down the sand dunes and I felt amazing and I got so tired thankfully I did not get sandy. We went back to the beach to chill and when we got home we had dinner. I ate chicken and played a board game called Catan and I lost so I ran all around the house and I was so mad. After Catan we went to sleep. I was so tired, especially after that run around the house my mom carried me to my bed . 


I woke up sadly knowing I was leaving and we packed up our car and said goodbye to my aunt, uncle and cousins. I was so sad. We went back to Ottawa and it took 2 and a half hours. On the road we had Mcdonalds.


Cheetahs are amazing. Cheetahs can run up to 70 miles per hour. Cheetahs like to hunt for wild animals like Gazelles, impales, and hares. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world. I love cheetahs because they are so fluffy. Cheetahs hunt either for themselves or for their cubs.






Cheetahs are just my favorite thing in the world, they keep me distracted, they make me soft on the inside, and they’re just the best bye!.




The Coolest Blog Post

I love animals, some animals are fluffy and some are not. But my favourite one is a cheetah, I love cheetahs because they can move so fast and are so fluffy their Cubs are also so adorable. I also like Crocodiles, Sharks, lions, and Snakes.


I also love soccer so much. How you play is you’re on a team and there is a ball, the ref drops the ball and you have to get the ball with your feet and kick it into the other team’s net. First one to get the most points at the end of the games wins.


Food keeps us alive, no wonder everyone likes food. I Like burritos, pizza, spaghetti, chips, and tuna sandwiches. I also love drinks like lemonade, apple cider, apple juice, grape juice, and Gingerale.


Keep reading for more!!!!!!!!!


My favourite things

Hi my name is Jonah and here is a list of some of my favourite video games 1. Rocket League. 2. Mario Kart 8 deluxe. 3. Super Mario Odyssey. And those are some


I love to read books and I am going to tell you some of my favourite books. 1. I Survived The Attacks Of 9 11. 2. The Last fire hawk. 3. Galactic hot -dogs.


I am going to tell you some of my favourite food. 1. Burritos 🌯 . 2. Pizza 🍕.

  1. Spaghetti and meatballs. 4. Hot dogs. 5. Hamburger 🍔.


Now I am going to tell you some of my favourite desserts. 1. Ice-cream. 2. Shaved ice 🍧. 3. Candy 🍭 🍬. 4. Cake 🧁 🍰 🎂. 5. Slushy.


About Me

My name is Jojo.

I like to play soccer.

I play soccer on the weekends.

I like to play soccer with my friends.

My favorite sport is soccer⚽️.

I play soccer every recess.

I am the only one in my family that likes to play soccer.

I also play soccer in the winter ❄️ to.

Soccer is a fun game to play with your you play soccer is you want to

Kick the ball into the other player’s you do that is you get the ball ⚽️ and then you run to the other side of the field and score in the net and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.


Another thing I like is watching tv & playing board games with my family. One night we watched a hilarious movie with my family. Another night I played monopoly with my family. Monopoly is a game where you try and earn a lot of money and try to buy 

a bunch of city’s or you could call them properties.


Another thing I like is candy, sure it’s not good for your teeth but I can’t resist. I like candy because it has this taste that brings me into another world. My mom says no more candy but I don’t really listen to her because I’m a kid and kids don’t really listen to well. I know I should but ever since I was five it’s kind of been hard. Candy is so sweet I LOVE IT! One time my mom bought the biggest bag of candy ever and me and my brothers devoured it in 7  days.


When I grow up I want to be a zoologist. A zoologist is a person who takes pictures of animals in the wild and gets information and brings it back to the zoo, a zoologist sometimes can also be a zookeeper. Since I was 4 I have always had a connection with animals.